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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Going For The Gold

I am still supposed to see a specialist for the pain in my back. I just haven't gotten around to it and I am not entirely sure I want to. I saw one several years ago and the verdict was that the pain was due to wear and tear.

I was also told that when it would get too bad, the only thing that would be helpful was surgery. I would like to avoid that if possible and might try Regenerix Gold.

This product is ideal for those who suffer from joint degeneration, have muscle problems and/or injuries, or experience joint pain and stiffness on a regular basis. It also assists with keeping your joints in good health.

The beauty of Regenerix Gold is that it is not based on glucosamine. It is a mix of American Joint Repair Technology with Oriental Pain Relief Botanicals which stimulates tissue repair.

The 5 herbs; frankincense, turmeric, ginger, cat's claw, and winter cherry, fight inflammation while the collagen hydrolysate in Regenerix Gold encourages joint repair and the hyaluronic acid relieves the pain.

It is perfectly safe to take it for a long period of time and no side-effects or negative interactions with other medications have been reported.

Just don't take it when allergic to one of the ingredients and remember; always consult your physician before using any supplements.

It all sounds good to me. I think I will go for the gold!


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