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Thursday, September 20, 2012

To Each Their Own

The costs of healthcare have reached new heights and we all probably already have noticed that we are constantly paying more for medications and health related equipment and services.

There is an option though to deduct all those costs when tax time comes around, but it is hard to know for sure whether all our payments are meeting the threshold which is set by the IRS or not. You will need the expertise of a specialized tax preparer to figure that out.

Since the tax requirements and rules change almost every year, they have to be up to par. The result is that for an enrolled agent continuing education is an absolute must and an ongoing process. It is a good thing and very helpful that those courses can be taken online at their own convenience.

Enrolled agents are actually required by the IRS to spend several hours per year on studying if they want to keep their license and some of those hours will have to be dedicated to following an enrolled agent ethics course. That shouldn't present a problem, since they can take, abort, and pick up those courses again as time permits.

I am really grateful for all the invested time and effort they put into it, because I couldn't even see the forest for the trees and wouldn't have a clue where and how to begin when it comes to filing taxes, but I am glad they do. To each their own, huh?!


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