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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pain Relief and Magnets

There are so many people I know, who are having some type of disease which causes them having to live in constant pain. My mom is one of them; she has some type of Arthritis as well. The doctor told her she had to learn to live with the pain. Yeah right; that is easier said then done.

She got herself a magnetic bracelet and it diminished her pain, but she could not wear it all the time. The copper turned her wrist green and the design was not suitable for wearing with every outfit. The bracelet slowly but surely disappeared in a drawer.

A couple of days ago I saw the Ace Magnetics website and looking at all those different styles, I automatically thought of my mom. She would love these and wear them all the time. They are not a substitute for pain medications, but they sure can help with easing the pain.

The use of magnets is considered complementary and alternative medicine and even though the effects have not been scientifically proven, more and more people have experienced the benefits of wearing magnetic jewelry. The choice is great and not restricted anymore to just bracelets: rings, necklaces and even sport bands are available.

I recommend visiting Ace Magnetics; not only do they offer quality products, a wide array of choice and excellent service, their jewelry could give the pain relief you are looking for as well.


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