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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Energy Drainers

We fared well during the storm and it was not as bad as it sounded, thank The Lord. The only problem with these depressions is that it sucks all the energy out of us. We felt so tired all day yesterday that all we wanted to do was sleep. I guess they don't call it a depression for nothing, huh?! Grin.

I already have been tired and easily drained for a while now and blamed it on all the problems and occurrences that had happened. Then I stumbled on the following article:

Avoid energy vampires: 4 energy boosting tips.
Want to feel energetic all day long? The trick is to do things that ramp up your energy and steer clear of the ones that suck it all away and make you feel drained. Eliminate these energy vampires, and watch your vitality skyrocket:

Drinks such as Red Bull, Full Throttle and Mountain Dew are loaded with caffeine. Even coffee and regular sodas contain enough to give you a buzz. It's true that a little bit of caffeine can provide a burst of energy, but it doesn't last long. Drinking caffeinated beverages after lunch also can affect the quality of your sleep, leaving you without much energy the following morning.

Eating too many high-sugar foods, such as candy bars, soda and ice cream, can cause your blood sugar to drop, making you want to curl up for a nap. These foods also are filled with empty calories, so you won't feel full for long. If you've got a sweet tooth, choose snack options that contain natural sugars – such as fruit – for a lasting lift.

Energy bars.
Contrary to their name, energy bars are not the best source of energy. Many are highly processed and high in calories, making them inferior to other snacks, such as nuts, cheese and crackers. "Avoid energy bars that are filled with gooey ingredients. They might sound tasty, but they aren't that healthy," says Sue Moores, a St. Paul, Minn.-based registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. "If you must have an energy bar, choose one that has 10 to 15 grams [g] of protein, 2 to 3 g of fiber and fewer than 300 calories."

Curling up on the couch to watch TV might seem relaxing, but the opposite actually may be true, says Sondra Kornblatt, co-author with Susannah Seton of 365 Energy Boosters (Conari Press, 2005). "Television entertains us, but it doesn't relax us," she says. "We have to make a lot of decisions when we watch TV – 'What show should I watch? How do I feel about the characters? Is there something else on? Do I want to eat the snack I just saw advertised?' Those thoughts are exhausting. You'll have more energy if you turn off the TV and go for a walk instead."
~Source: Arthritis Today.

Well, there you have it, or rather: there I have it! Caffeine and sugar are my drainers and some TV in the evenings, but that is not much. Just enough to make me fall asleep, haha.

Several diseases can and will already exhaust you more then enough without us adding on to it. It may not be easy, but we can do our best to cut out the bad stuff as much as possible. Wouldn't it be nice to feel energetic and refreshed all day long?

Yeah, it is best to cut out the bad stuff all together; in our hearts and minds as well. When we know we do what is right and best and follow God's instructions, we will constantly be left fulfilled, refreshed and overflowing with energy all day long!

Acts 3:19
Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,


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