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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

PC Remote Access Comes In Handy

Hubby's work involves a lot of gathering up and processing data. He either has to go to the office or to clients to extract the data, then bring it home, process it and send it back. It would be a lot easier if he would have PC Remote Access; that would save lots of time.

This is only one of the many applications remote access to another pc has. You may have experienced problems with your computer yourself. Then you know how long it takes to get a problem solved when consulting a helpdesk.

This painstaking troubleshooting could have been avoided by using PROXY Pro 6. The software works on all the latest and leading operating systems and is perfectly safe; it uses every security system necessary to access a computer without causing any damage or interruption.

You actually may want to check out the newest version. PROXY pro 7 has even more features and you can try it for free for 30 days. I don't think you will be disappointed; you probably will discover that this software is an asset to your business.

It will come in handy for your computer at home as well, especially when you would be traveling. Simply access your pc and you can get to whatever you need. On a network? No problem either.

Sounds good to me: I rather have pc remote access then to be told 'access denied!'


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