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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hidden Treasures

I think I already mentioned before how much we love to go exploring. At times we get out of the car and enjoy the beauty of the area we stumbled upon.

It does not matter where we take a stroll; whether it is on the beach, through the woods or checking out a campsite, I am always on the look out for something capturing my attention to bring home.

Most of the times I find shells, gorgeous colored leaves or seed pods which I eventually use for craft projects, but many times I also find lots of other stuff like nails, tent pegs, lures and even pennies.

We were pondering on getting a metal detector and I already did some price comparison to get an indication where to find the cheapest one. It was astonishing to see how much the price varies for the same item!

For us, metal detecting would be a great hobby which would serve several purposes; we would be outdoors, be active and experience the thrill of looking forward to discoveries which lay beneath our feet.

As soon as we know which type of metal detector would suit us best, we will go ahead and purchase it. I already am considering designating a box which would function as a 'treasure chest' for all our findings.

It also makes the price comparison easier when knowing exactly what brand, type, etc. I need to be looking for. Since we buy several things online I noticed more then once that there is a great difference in prices, no matter what the product is.

It is well worth comparing before buying because finding the best deal will save lots of money. I guess you could say that in our case the quest for hidden treasures starts online!


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