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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little While Longer

We are desperately trying to save up enough money to buy another vehicle. It is a slow going process and we just don't know if our present one will hold out that long. We certainly hope so, otherwise our savings will have to go towards major repairs and that would probably be a waste of money.

We are very satisfied with the brand and model car we have at the moment and would like to find one that would be only a few years old. Those are very hard to come by; even pre-owned they are far and few in between.

Another thing we need to take in consideration is the fact that our car insurance is likely to go up substantially, unless we are able to compare quotes online like they can for cheap PA auto insurance quotes. It is one of those things which are easily overlooked until you get the bill.

Right now, we don't pay that much because our van is almost 15 years old. We sure do not want to spend a large sum on auto insurance when we don't have to. It may be wise to make inquiries and get some quotes, so we would at least know how much we would be looking at.

We already know we have to spend a little cash on some minor repairs; one of the headlights needs replacing and a tire is slowly leaking air. That's okay, as long as it keeps running for a little while longer!


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