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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stimulating Recovery

Most orthopedic surgeries call for intensive physical therapy after the procedure to strengthen the muscles, promote healing, and increase mobility. There are many more conditions though which are not only extremely painful, but will negatively impact joint and muscle strength such as (Rheumatoid) Arthritis, sports injuries, and muscular Atrophy for example.

The road to recovery normally consists of a series of exercises given to the patient with the requirement to apply them at least once, or several times, per day. When experiencing excruciating pain that means another almost impossible hurdle to overcome in order to achieve the desired goal and in most cases that is easier said than done.

It is therefore not surprising that Muscle Stimulators have taken a prominent place in the sector where rehabilitation, physical therapy, and chiropractic care are concerned. This treatment consists of devices strengthening the muscles through short, electrical impulses without the patient having to go through the agony of actual physical activity.

Besides improving and maintaining joint and muscle strength, this method can also relieve and reduce stress, tension, chronic headache, Fybromyalgia symptoms, inflammations, fatigue, and other physical pain. There are a few restrictions though; those with heart problems or a pacemaker should not resort to muscle stimulator therapy since it could cause serious injuries.

Doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors can provide all the information about this treatment. The only roadblock obstructing reduced pain, less effort, and a faster healing, is a question not asked!


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