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Friday, March 22, 2013

A Brilliant, Healthy Smile With Veneers

One of our friends' daughters had taken a bad fall and broke two of her front teeth. The dentist had no problem repairing them and he did such a great job, you can't even tell she had cosmetic dentistry done by looking at them.

I am constantly stunned by all the developments which have been taking place where dentistry is concerned. The options and possibilities have grown exponentially over the past few decades and no one has to go without a white, brilliant, healthy smile anymore these days.

When I was young, the only choice for a smile make-over was dentures. Braces were applied few and far between. When you chipped or broke a tooth and you were lucky, it could be repaired with a white filling. If that was no longer possible, the tooth was removed and bridges were used to fill the gaps.

Nowadays, there is the option to have veneers placed over your teeth. Those thin shells of porcelain, also called porcelain laminates or dental veneers, are bonded to the front of the teeth. Take a look at the before and after pictures at Veneers Miami and see how they instantly provide a beautiful, perfect, lasting smile.

Those veneers are a great option to put the spark back into your smile!


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