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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Securing Your Safety

I am not sure how April and the boys will fare after Ray has gone to basic training. I know from experience that she does not like to be all by herself, especially at night and I don't blame her either. After a few attempts to break in to their trailer and one successful robbery, I can imagine her feeling of safety and security is shot.

Even though I have mentioned several times that it may be wise for her to consider getting a home security system, she did not want to hear of it. She thought it would be way too expensive and difficult to install. Nothing is lesser true.

There are some really good security systems available which are totally free. All she would have to pay is a very low monthly cost for monitoring services, which means that a command station will be alerted as soon as the system is triggered.

She would sleep better at night and can even leave home with the assurance that her possessions are being protected. When she would call the following toll free number: 877-470-2751, she would also get two key chain remotes for free with her order.

We all need a place to come home to which is safe and secure. Therefore a good home security system is no luxury and when the alarm goes off, it may be one of the rare occasions when you would actually be grateful it does!


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