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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Discovering Plants

When our grandsons are here, we always try to spend some time outside in the yard. They love playing with their car pushing each other around. Yes, occasionally car theft takes place too and Oma is automatically assigned to be the mediator and law enforcer. Let me assure you: that is not an easy task.

Another thing they love is for me to stroll through the yard with them and point out all kinds of different plants, flowers, leaves and other finds which nature has left scattered through the yard and in the grass. They pick it up, put it in their pockets and spread it out on the coffee table after they have come back in.

I save their discoveries for them as best as I can. Sometimes I dry the leaves and flowers and put them in their memory books and the other items like rocks, shells and acorns I put in a little plastic bag for them to take home.

I can't wait till the Dandelions change their yellow flowers to those fuzzy, white balls. It is such a joy to watch our grandsons blow at them, trying to get them airborne. Every now and then a few end up in their mouths and I have to get them out.

I suppose those would sprout quickly; being watered and all. :-)


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