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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Running Out Of Ink

I have scrapbooks for each of our grandchildren and fill it with all their little quirks, actions and other occurrences. Of course the tale of the water ballet will go in there as well.

I usually embellish the posts with several pictures and print them out. That eats up the majority of the ink in our printer cartridges and in no time they are empty and need to be replaced.

It is one of those things we intend to do, but always forget until we need to print something again. It is just too much of a hassle to make the long drive to the store specifically for HP Printer Ink Cartridges.

The weird thing is that we buy several items online and it just never occurred to me to do that for ink cartridges or other printer supplies. There are discounts on printer ink galore for all brands of printers including HP and Dell.

It is a lot cheaper then buying from the regular store and you know you are not making the trip in vain; you can know instantly whether the needed ink cartridge is available. After the purchase it will be delivered to your front door usually within 24 hours.

I need to keep that in mind because I have to print some more posts to go in the kids' books!


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