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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Joy Of Blogging

Our oldest grandson has been staying with us for a few days and he sure has no intentions of going home. He just came up to us and with the most serious look on his face he proclaimed: "No Mama, no"! It is his way of indicating he does not want to go home.

We told him he didn't have to go home yet and his face lit up with the biggest smile. He climbed in my lap and upon me telling him I had to do some work he assured me that "Cakey (as he calls himself) and Oma work".

He loves looking at all the blogs and I hope some day he will find a good blog hosting service and start his own site; I would be one of his most fervent and dedicated readers. Yup, right now he is lending me a hand, or rather his fingers, while he is typing along with me and trying to assist me in my work.

I am not so sure it is helping though, but practice makes perfect and it might come in handy when he starts his own blog. I hope he will enjoy blogging as much as I do and will get to know as many wonderful friends as we have!


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