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Friday, August 12, 2011

On The List

I have experienced that several medications can be gotten for free by asking my physician for samples. When I was taking one of the brands for bone strengthening, I never had to purchase it myself; I asked and was given.

It made me wonder how doctors and other healthcare givers are being found by the pharmaceutical representatives, but I have no doubt it is the same for them as it is for us; they end up on a physician mailing list and are approached by e-mail first.

There are many more applications for e-mailing a specific doctor, dentist, pharmacist, etc. A doctor mailing list also comes in handy when doing research on healthcare, keeping them updated on conferences and new developments and so much more.

All this will eventually benefit the patients, but you do have to know how and where to obtain a doctor email list without spending all your time and effort on trying to locate all of them yourself. In case you were unaware of it; there are companies who can easily provide you with an applicable list.

I don't think that unlike us, the healthcare givers have to worry about getting spammed, because all the e-mails they receive are profession related. I wish we could say the same!


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