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Friday, September 30, 2011

Reading Is Worth The Time

It wasn't that long ago when everyone was paying cash for the items they wanted to purchase and the concept was real simple: if you had no money, there was no need to go to the store, unless they would give you a credit.

I suppose the last prompted the birth of credit cards and nowadays almost everyone is paying with plastic. The advantage of that is that it saves a trip to the bank to withdraw money, you don't have to walk around with cash in your pockets, always have the right amount handy and can buy anything and everything you need and/or want.

The downside of this payment method however is that people tend to overspend and eventually can end up with a lot of credit card debt which they may not be able to pay off. The consequence of that is a low credit score which can have a huge negative impact on people's lives and future.

There are credit cards galore and it may not be easy to determine which route to go. You have the choice between a prepaid credit card like for example My Green Dot, or a card which offers a few or many features and/or options. It all depends on your situation, needs and requirements. You may not even get approved for all the available credit cards, because it all hinges on your credit report.

Even when you get approved, you may not know the difference between all the cards, their features and options. It is always very helpful to carefully read the terms which come with the card to find out whether you pay extra for the features, or if you have to spend and x-amount of money before being able to take advantage of them.

Stores offer the option to apply for what is often referred to as a 'Retail' card. You may get a bonus upon application, but it would be wise to check if the card is also useable in other stores. Groups or organizations may benefit by an affinity card and those cards are usually offered by charitable organizations. The warning to read the terms closely before applying for it goes for this as well.

Many good hints and tips pertaining to credit cards, including answers to questions you may have, can be found online. Reading up on them before you apply for plastic money, could save you a lot of trouble and disappointment. It is well worth your time!


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