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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Futuristic Features At Hand

I am constantly astonished about the fast developing cures and medications in the health department and the end is not anywhere in sight. I consider that to be a good thing, because there are still too many conditions and diseases for which an adequate solution has not yet been found.

A lot of technology goes hand in hand with many treatments and not only does that improve and does it have a positive impact on our overall physical well-being, but it is also geared towards making life easier and opening up options which we never thought were possible.

It is a great sight to see and that is meant to be taken literally. Eyeglasses have improved tremendously over the past centuries and before long will allow those with damaged eye sight or who are stricken with blindness to see.

But there are many more new options on the horizon, as you can see in the demographics below.

emerging optical technology infographic from zenni optical
Presented by Zenni Optical Eyeglasses

Just imagine having the functionality of a Smartphone incorporated in your contact lenses or your Eyeglasses. Yes, all those futuristic features will soon be available.

It will not take long before they will be fully incorporated in our daily lives and considered to be quite common, but let's not loose sight of all the studies and researches it took to make all this possible!


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