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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Good Motivator

Those of you who diligently follow my ramblings may get weary of reading once again that I need to start exercising and I hope it is some consolation to them knowing I am weary of it too.

I have a good excuse though: our treadmill broke down and we decided to replace it with a stationary bike, on which we are waiting to arrive. Needless to say I hope it still takes a few more days, otherwise I really am out of justifications for not getting on the ball, or the bike in this case.

Fortunately for all of you, just like Russell A. Solomon I am aware of the fact that no one else but I, me, and myself can improve my health, stamina and physical condition. You would expect that the three of us would be able to gather up enough gumption to accomplish that goal, but that is easier said then done.

I should have a good pep-talk with myself, but I am no health coach, fitness expert, successful business man, or public speaker like Russell A. Solomon and my speech would probably fall on deaf man's ears, simply because I don't really know how to motivate myself.

The difference it made in Russell A. Solomon's life should be motivation enough though, since he has been there, done that and he knows that the road to success comes from within. Every journey begins with the first step and he has the expertise to prod and motivate people putting one foot in front of the other!


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