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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Diet Sodas; Healthy or Dangerous?

There is a wide range of diet products available these days, but it does prod the question how healthy those really are. Even though cutting back on the calories may have great health benefits, there are some contradictions popping up concerning some products such as diet sodas.

The sugar in diet sodas is substituted with either aspartame (Nutra-Sweet), sucralose (Splenda), saccharine, acesulfame potassium (Sweet One), sugar alcohol, stevia, or a combination of some of the above, not to mention all the artificial colors and flavors, caffeine, sodium, preservatives, and phosphoric acid and phosphorous.

The last two are linked to draining calcium from bones and hence increasing the risk of osteoporosis, and with the loss of kidney function. Some more consequences of drinking diet sodas could be head and muscle aches, gastrointestinal problems, pre-diabetes, and tooth decay.

A misconception is that diet sodas will result in weight loss, but the opposite is the case; an increase of 41% for obesity is more likely as studies have shown. The explanation given is that the sweeteners trick your body into thinking it digested sugar which triggers it to release insulin. This can lead to a sugar craving and eating more.

Drinking four 8-ounce servings over the course of a week is perfectly fine, but overdoing it puts you at risk. Keep in mind that there are some healthy and even cheaper alternatives around which are just as tasty such as pure water, mineral water, (green) tea, 100% fruit juice, and skimmed milk.

I am sure there are some more questionable diet products out there and since two know more then one, it would be wise, before buying them, to do some research and gather up information and recommendations.

There is wisdom in the counsel of many, but the best counsel still comes from God and it would be wise, before acting, to resort to prayers and wait for God's guidance and leadership!

Proverbs 19:20-21
"Listen to counsel and receive instruction, That you may be wise in your latter days. There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the LORD’s counsel—that will stand."


Blogger Pia said...

Hi mamu. Thank you so much for praing for me. I know God heard our prayers in faith because here I am... Still alive. I know God still has a purpose. May God bless you and papu. I love you very much!

October 10, 2012 2:56 PM  
Blogger Corry said...

It is the least, but most important thing we can and keep on doing!

Love and (((HUGS)))

God's Grace.

October 10, 2012 4:14 PM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Plain water and mineral water sound yummy too. Zero weight gain as well :)

October 10, 2012 5:12 PM  
Blogger Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

When my children were younger I made "natural" soda for them which was seltzer water mixed with natural juice. They never knew the difference and we were never big soda drinkers at all. I agree...that stuff is bad for the body.

October 11, 2012 3:47 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

I loved drinking plain water, but there is too much chlorine in it now to suit my taste and I just don't see the need to spend the money on mineral water.

We use crystal light which has pretty much no calories and sweetener in it and we as well as our grandchildren are happy with that. Occasionally, we drink a soda we don't even come close to four per week. :-)

God's Grace.

October 11, 2012 5:06 AM  

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