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Thursday, November 08, 2012

It Works For Us

I never really was aware of how overwhelming and poignant the smell of cigarette smoke was, until recently. We switched over to electronic cigarettes over two years ago, but one of our daughters is still smoking the real tobacco product.

Even though she smokes outside, every time she comes back in, there is a cloud of smoke sneaking in with her. The cigarette smell probably attaches itself to her apparel and hence pollutes the air inside. It doesn't go away either, unless we open the windows and air out our abode.

We have already tried persuading her to switch over to the electronic cigarette, since it is not only much healthier, but eventually also a lot cheaper. It sure would make short notice of that smoker's cough she developed and save her some money, but she doesn't want to.

Well, we can't force her and we are not going to. The only thing we can do is keep pointing out all the benefits these e-cigarettes have as opposed to the real ones and hope she will eventually decide to kick all the carcinogens to the curb.

I am glad we did. It works great and hardly takes any time getting used to. The best thing however is that we can smoke inside and still enjoy clean air and a clean interior!


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