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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Turning Up The Heat

Most people with Arthritis are constantly confronted and dealing with painful, stiff joints and muscles. From experience I know that heat can be very beneficial, since it loosens up the stiff joints and muscles and gives relief from the pain. Spending some time in a warm bath or Jacuzzi is therefore highly recommended.

Another often forgotten and not so obvious option is taking a steam bath or a sauna. Besides relieving painful joints and muscles, a sauna also is a great help in boosting your immune system. Due to the high temperature of the surroundings, the body's temperature rises, as with a fever, activating and strengthening the immune system.

It would not be a bad idea investing in a barrel sauna. Since it is small and round, it is more energy and heat efficient. It fits in with any landscape without taking up too much space and its clever and unique design ensures there is practically no maintenance to worry about.

A sauna is also a good way to fight off cold and flu symptoms, to cleanse the body of any toxins, to relief stress and tension, battle cellulite, and to treat several respiratory problems like bronchitis and congestion. It also results in a healthier skin and clearer complexion.

As in most cases, consult your physician when you are not sure if you can stand the heat!


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