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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Choose Signage For Your Restaurant

Guest post by Beth W

When customers enter your place of business, your indoor signage is the first thing that greets them. Informative and legible signs are absolutely essential to any type of restaurant. You must make sure that the specials of the day are displayed where all incoming customers can read up on them if you want to ensure greater sales. Signs also allow your employees to focus on better service rather than spending all of their time answering questions that are easily posted. You can also control foot traffic by the proper use and placement of signs.

Standing Boards
Upright boards with two sides are immensely helpful due to their flexibility. Choose between boards with a black or green chalkboard surface for a laid back look, or go with dry erase boards for quick revisions. This signs can be used indoors, but they also work outdoors on sidewalks and patios if the weather is good. However, you must have someone at your restaurant with good handwriting to write out the specials or deals of the day.

Glass Cases
These secure cases can be permanently affixed to any wall located indoors or outdoors. They allow you to post menus, newspaper clippings, or decorative items to be displayed behind a locked glass door. When security is an issue, glass cases can provide display space without the worry of tampering hands. These cases add a refined professional look to your establishment, but there are a little more expensive and less flexible than other options.

LED Signs
LED signs are the best option for signaling if you are opened or closed. They are highly visible over long distances and remain easy to read. LEDs also use a smaller amount of power than most electric signs, saving your company money in the long run. Many restaurants lose business because passing consumers are unable to tell whether the business is open or closed. You can find all of these signs at Culinary Depot.


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