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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I love fresh pineapple (don't mix it up with pine cone, haha. I'll tell you that story later sometime, grin). I can't tell you though how surprised I was to read on the label that it was good for the joints. That calls for an investigation!

Pineapple, Ananas comosus
Where It Comes From:
Enzyme found in pineapple juice that breaks down protein.

Forms and Dosage:
Tablets; 80 mg to 320 mg, two or three times per day for eight to 10 days or as needed for more than 10 days.

What It's Supposed to Do:
Decrease pain and swelling of RA and OA, increase mobility.

What We Know:
Some evidence that enzymes like bromelain, which break down protein, have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects comparable to NSAIDs. Likely safe.

In one human study, a bromelain supplement containing enzymes rutin and trypsin relieved pain and improved function in 73 people with knee OA. The effect was similar to taking an NSAID. No research shows bromelain alone is effective for people with arthritis.

What to Watch For:
Bromelain can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Avoid if allergic to pineapples. Can increase the effect of blood-thinning medicine.

May help reduce swelling after surgery or injury. May have potential to help burn wounds and accelerate healing."
~Arthritis Foundation.

Isn't it wonderful that something you love so much is good for you as well?! You can find it year around, without effort. Enjoy it's taste and healing ingredients at the same time.

It's the same with Jesus. We can find Him without effort and enjoy His company, peace and healing year around! :-)

Isaiah 57:19
“ I create the fruit of the lips: Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near,” Says the LORD, “ And I will heal him.”


Anonymous grandpaw said...

All I want for Christmas is a half dozen cases of pinapples ?

Grandpaw .

December 04, 2007 7:51 PM  
Blogger Corry said...

Awww, I suspect that means your Arthritis is bothering you badly. I am so sorry to hear that.

Maybe better to get a half dozen cases of canned pineapple juice, that way you can store it longer. If we were living close to you, you would definitely have 6 presents under the tree, hehe.

We will keep you in our prayers. Have a very blessed and joyful day, Grandpaw.

God's Grace.

December 05, 2007 3:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Corry,

It is with regret about wishing for 1/2 dozen cases of pineapples cause my oldest daughter from Ft-Knox Ky just brought me a dozen cans of crushed pineapple-pineapple slices-pineapple chunks and I really should'nt eat pineapple cause just two slices have 15 sugars and that ain't good ? I guess I'll just open them and just smell that good flavor? I wonder if there's any sugars in the smell ?


December 05, 2007 9:22 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

Sorry for not replying sooner, blogger never forwarded your comment.

I apologise as well, I didn't think about the sugar in it!
Nahhh, no sugar in the smell. :-)
Can you eat fresh pineapple or is that of limits too?

Have a very blessed Sunday!

God's Grace.

December 09, 2007 10:14 AM  
Anonymous grandpaw said...

Hi Corry,

Just getting around to visiting blogs. Have you ever grown a fresh pinapple ? It is interesting because it takes about 3 years to grow a large pineapple . You cut off the top and root it in a vase with water untill it gets ready to plant ? It matures very slowly ? About 45 years ago I was produce manager at a Winn Dixie store ? I experimented with items like pineapples just for my kids to learn from it ?

Yes I love pinapples but have to eat them in moderation ?


December 10, 2007 8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pineapples do that? wow! we have lots of pineapples here. i think i'm gonna start gorging on them. hehe!

December 11, 2007 12:09 AM  
Blogger Seeker said...

How many mg of bromelain are there in a whole pineapple? I think the tablets would be more convenient, but definitely not as sweet...

December 11, 2007 7:10 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

I knew it was easy to grow pineapple, just didn't know how. Thanks for telling me. I will try it, I love growing things especially if they yield fruit!

Have a very blessed day, Grandpaw!!

Yeah, I think I will gorge on them a little more often as well and then follow Grandpaw's instruction and grow them. A pineapple patch... sounds great! hehe.

Praying for you girl, tried to call you but silly me, I forgot you were in Hong Kong! I am glad you had such a good time.

luv ya!

You are right, tablets are much more convenient and it assures you of the right intake! No it may not be as sweet, but better safe then sorry! :-)

I hope y'all are doing well, dear sis.


God's Grace.

December 11, 2007 10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


December 12, 2007 12:57 PM  
Blogger Corry said...

(((HUGS))) to you too, girl!

Stop and stay a while, I got the coffee ready!!! grin.

God's Grace.

December 13, 2007 5:24 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Pineapples are so sweet and juicy =)

December 22, 2007 4:29 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

Yes, I love them!!!!

Have a very blessed weekend!

God's Grace.

December 23, 2007 12:29 PM  

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