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Monday, September 28, 2009

Breaking The Bank

It was a hard call whether to go ahead and get a new vehicle while the prices are so low, or to go ahead and spend the money trying to get another year out of our 15 year old van. The last option would give us the time to save up some cash and buy a newer car than what we could afford now. We chose for the last.

So, a couple of days ago we took our van to the auto repair shop to get some minor repairs done. Of course those minor repairs come with a major price tag, but we had anticipated that already and it was budgeted in. What did take us by surprise was the van shutting down on us yesterday, when we had just gone out for a drive.

Uh oh, that is not good. We sat there in the middle of the road, trying to figure out who to call to come and get us and visions of four number repair bills flashing in front of my eyes. After several minutes, the van started up again and ran like nothing had happened.

I hope it was just a fluke. If not, we may have to take out a cash advance loan with zip 19. That is quick and easy without breaking the bank. It would keep us afloat, or in this case: on the road!


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