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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time Flies

Time flies and before you know it, you have become of age and all the small inconveniences, conditions, pains and aches come with it. It somehow reminds me of my grandfather and how we would sit in their small living room with only the rustle of his news paper and the ticking of the grandfather clock.

This is one of the Howard Miller grandfather clocks and it reminds me of those pleasurable childhood times. It was a standing clock as well, not a wall clock. My other grandfather had a small mantle clock. I guess they both chose what suited their home decor best.

Nowadays, the new grandfather clocks come with different movements. You can read up on it at Grandfather Clocks Movements – Replace or Repair. I would love to have one of those clocks. It would look great where our chess table is now.

Oh well, who knows; maybe in time.


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