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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Energy Boost II

There are several more things you can do to increase your energy and minimize exhaustion, tiredness and dragging yourself through the day. Some of the following options have been clinically proven to have a positive effect. It sure is worth giving it a try.

Brush out toxins.
According to the ancient Chinese healing art of Qigong, using a dry brush can help your lymphatic system – located just beneath your skin – to drain toxins. Run a long-handled brush with nonsynthetic bristles over your limbs and torso in the direction of your heart, using long, sweeping motions. Brush from the tips of your toes to the tops of your thighs, and the tips of your fingers to the tops of your shoulders.

"It's very stimulating, and such a great way to wake up your senses," says Sondra Kornblatt, co-author with Susannah Seton of 365 Energy Boosters (Conari Press, 2005). "You also can use the brush to tap on each shoulder for a minimassage that releases tension."

Savor a stretch.
A few minutes of stretching can loosen tense muscles and help you feel more alert. Set aside a few minutes to do some simple stretches during the day. In addition to giving you energy, it has the added benefit of decreasing muscle soreness and improving flexibility.

Stock up on snacks.
Eat healthy snacks, such as nuts, cheese, fruit or yogurt. These energy boosters will help keep your blood sugar level even, enabling you to avoid experiencing extreme energy peaks and valleys. "Try to have foods from two to three different food groups on hand for snacking," advises Sue Moores, a St. Paul, Minn.-based registered dietitian. "The combination of fruits and veggies, whole grains and protein will give you more nutritious and lasting energy."

Avoid high-fat and fried foods, as well as those that are high in sugar. According to Moores, these types of foods provide a quick burst of energy, but can leave you feeling hungry and depleted just 30 minutes later.

Get enough sleep.
You know that getting enough sleep is important, but how often do you sacrifice a few hours of shut-eye in favor of crossing one more thing off your to-do list? According to the Better Sleep Council, 26 percent of women have difficulty sleeping, and many admit to losing zzzs due to worrying about family issues and finances. The result: They feel moody, as well as less alert and less energetic.
~Source: Arthritis Today.

If none of the above appealed to you or did not work out as they should have, then don't despair; I have several more tips and recommendations for you that might do the trick. You may have some solutions yourself and I would appreciate it if you would share those; they could be of great help to others.

When things don't work out as we expected then we may find ourselves in the dark and without direction. That is no reason to despair; it is a reason to pray even more and ask for guidance and leadership. Put your trust in God and He will show the way. :-)

Psalm 18:28
For You will light my lamp; The LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.


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