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Monday, November 16, 2009


It is a rare occurrence to see our new neighbor without a hat. It looks cute on her too and she apparently knows where to Buy Baker Boy Hats. I did not even know they were called like that, but they seem to be the latest trend.

I usually don't like wearing hats or caps, but these appeal to me and I would have no problem with accessorizing my outfits with them. When I would Buy Baker Boy Hat, it would probably be a black one; that color would go well with most of my jackets.

It is funny to realize how fashion is like history; it repeats itself. I remember seeing these hats being worn by the daughter in the TV series "Married With Children". Now, they are back in style and you can Buy Baker Boy Hats in all kinds of colors and sizes.

Since I had not been keeping up with trends and fashion, I was quite surprised to find out that these hats were the hottest items. When I showed my husband, he stated that they looked similar to the caps men wear with the traditional clothing in the Netherlands. Yup, that is true and that could well be the explanation why they appeal to me; a glimpse of my homeland.


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