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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Save And Earn

Not too long ago I pointed out that it is often a lot cheaper to buy online. There are many great deals and discounts offered all over the Internet, but you do have to search for them. Even though that is lucrative; it still takes up a lot of time.

The time invested has been cut short substantially with Market America. The site offers around 35 million products, has over 3,000 partner stores and gives 2% cash back on any purchase from them or their partner stores with the ma Cashback logo. You actually Get Paid To Shop!

One would think there would be a catch to it somewhere; I checked it out thoroughly, but I did not find any. All I found were benefits. Aside from the unlimited 2% cash back on purchases, the site offers product search and comparison, is available in 5 different countries and registration is free of charge.

Another thing that piqued my interest was the 1/2% cash back on referral purchases. When family, friends or anyone else fills you out as their referral, you get paid a half percent on every qualified purchase they make, without any costs attached.

It is absolutely worth checking out the Market America site, but it is even more worth your while buying there and spreading the word!


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