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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My side of Vegas

Guest post written by Meryl Regis

The main reason that I take trips to Las Vegas is because I love to go and see all of the shows. If there's a new show out there, then I've probably seen it or already have a ticket to see it soon. My husband doesn't quite understand my obsession about this but supports me on it. He does like to come along to most of them but I gave him a free pass to go and play poker on some shows that I know he won't really like, like Celine Dion.

But this last time before we went I wanted to make sure that I'd really get as mucha s possible out of the shows because the last time we had gone to a show I had some trouble hearing all of the dialogue. So I stopped by miracle ear in Florida and got some info about hearing aids. I ended up going to www.miracleearhearingaids.net and bought some there in the end.

I was even more excited to see all of the shows because I knew that I'd be able to hear it and enjoy it even more.


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