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Monday, December 13, 2010

Spa Vouchers And More Great Gift Ideas

I always find it very difficult coming up with gifts for our loved ones. It is a little easier where it concerns family members we see on a daily basis, because most of the times we know their likes and dislikes, but it is another story when it pertains to extended family and friends.

Most of the times I like to stay on the safe side and get them something I know they always can use and will appreciate; bath and beauty products. I simply apply the golden rule and get something I would like to have or try, but just would not spend the money on if I had to buy it for myself.

I don't think it is far beside the truth when I voice my suspicion that we all like to be pampered and bathe in luxury every once in a while. I have never been to a spa, but those who have ensured me that it is a very unique and extremely pleasant experience and they love to go again.

It would be so heartwarming seeing the huge smiles on their faces and the excitement in their eyes, when they would find spa vouchers under the Christmas tree. It is an idea I will keep in mind for our daughters; I think each one of them would be tickled pink and eager to set a date for spending an enjoyable day at the spa.

It just crossed my mind that it would also be wonderful to give to a mum to be. Most of the times, the presents are geared towards the needs of the little one, or what the parents to be may lack. Often, the expecting mum gets overlooked and she may be the one who desperately needs or could use a personal gift.

It would not necessarily have to be a spa voucher, but there are lots of other mum to be gifts you can surprise her with. This gift basket would be ideal; she could use it when it suited her best, take all the time she wanted and feel as refreshed and rejuvenated as when she just came from the spa!


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