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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Need for Moving Boxes

We are going to need a lot of moving boxes, since our oldest daughter just got married. She and her husband found a house they liked and hopefully they will be able to move in to their own little abode soon.

A lot of stuff will have to be packed and moved and even though we always keep a few empty boxes in our little storage building, just in case, I already know those will not be nearly enough to hold all their belongings.

I am not even sure whether the boxes we have are still useable or not; the roof of the little building has been leaking in the corner where we normally keep them and it may well be that the boxes we have are soaking wet and need to be thrown out.

If that is the case, then it wouldn't present much of a problem. The newly weds would probably have to get new Moving Boxes anyway and a few extra wouldn't make much of a difference. It may even turn out that they come in handy; if not now, then definitely in the future.

Yeah, I agree; we have to do something about the roof of the building. Eventually, it is going to come back and bite us if we don't, because it will result in a lot of damage over time and fixing it will turn out to be much more work and rather costly as well.

I suppose we are not too concerned about it, because it is a separate little building outside in our yard. That probably makes it low priority compared to all the other things which are in need of repair, or replacement.

It sounds to me like we are more in need of time then anything else. Given time, we will get around to all of it. :-)


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