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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Food Allergies

Our oldest grandson has been staying with us for weeks at the time. He sure loves to eat and if it was up to him, that little mouth would be chewing on something all the time.

I have to watch his food intake though. Due to milk allergies he can't consume too many diary products, because they make him sick. Slowly, but surely, he is growing over it, for which I am grateful.

I know there are many people suffering from nut allergies and I had no clue and was even shocked to see honey and pasta on the list of all the foods which contained nuts. One is never too old to learn, huh?

At least none of us have an egg allergy; that would have called for a total overhaul of our diet. We only have to watch the sodium and calorie contents of what we digest and, for the time being, ensuring our little guy stays away from too much dairy!


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