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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

College cooking is all in the prep work

Guest post written by Liz Menzel

In my opinion, just about nothing is worse than when you start to fix some type of meal and then realize you don't have an important ingredient on hand. It actually seems to happen to me a lot unfortunately. But I promised myself that this year I would make more of an effort to keep my kitchen fully stocked with ingredients so I won't have to waste precious time on a grocery store trip that I could actually use for studying for a class.

The other day after I realized I didn't have that many ingredients but didn't feel like going to the grocery store, I went online to find a recipe that calls for only what I already had. While I was doing that I ran across some wireless internet prices that sounded really great so I signed up for one of the internet packages I found on there.

I eventually found a recipe that would work, but that just reminded me of how important college cooking prep is because college students don't have a lot of time outside of studying and doing work to worry about cooking.


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