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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Good Care

Our oldest grandson is staying with us again and this time he has been here for about two weeks now. He loves taking a bath and can hardly wait until it is time to get cleaned up. It sure makes me contemplate on using all natural products which are gentle on the skin.

I am using some of those myself; not that long ago I switched over to another make-up and am extremely pleased with how the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation I purchased worked out. It gives me the right coverage and even improves the appearance of my skin.

All I need to find now are some good hair care products. My hair is rather fine and tends to dry out rather quickly, especially when it is exposed to the sun. I would probably benefit by treating it with a deep conditioner every once and a while.

Finding and purchasing the above is no problem at all. The problem lies with me; I have to get on the ball, instead of constantly postponing it!


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