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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Myths Busted Part II

I am sorry to burst your bubble, but I found some more advice and tips which apparently are not true. It is best to know though, because these myths can cause a lot of unnecessary problems or be potentially harmful to your health.

Even though it may appear that way, you can let go of the belief that poison ivy is contagious; it is not.

Another thing to avoid is sucking out the venom after a snake bite. This is not recommendable, since it can damage the wound even more and also spread the poison to the mouth. Best is to stay calm which prevents the poison from spreading through the body quickly and finding medical help right away.

A jellyfish sting is a real possibility when swimming in the ocean. The legend that urinating on it will ease the pain is nothing, but that; a legend. It can increase the release of more venom and bring bacteria in the affected area. Applying a little vinegar is much more effective.

Nothing is more enjoyable then having a cook-out with family and friends, but it is also the perfect opportunity ending up with food poisoning. Make sure the meat is fully cooked; don't judge it by its brown appearance, but cut it open if need be to find out if it is fully cooked, or use a meat thermometer. Recommended is an internal temperature of a 160 degrees or higher for hamburgers. Poultry should be 165 degrees.

People make mistakes and/or develop false believes. Therefore, it is not always wise to take everything face value. It's a good thing we don't have to do that when it comes to God's Word; we know that is true and best!

John 7:24
Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment."


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