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Monday, April 15, 2013

Ask And HealthTap Provides

It is difficult dealing with a disease, but it is even more difficult coping with a chronic condition. More questions than answers go through the mind and the wish there was a place to find hints, tips, answers, and more information rise to the surface.

At HealthTap you can find updates on the latest health findings, daily tips concerning over 100 topics, insights, opinions, and information which goes beyond common knowledge, and personalized answers to any health related questions you may have from some of the world's best doctors.

HealthTap doesn't stop there though. They held a top doctor competition and as of today they launched some great new features as you can read in this press-release.

HealthTap brings the Full Spectrum of Doctors’ Knowledge to Mobile Health
Leading mobile health platform unveils results of nationwide Top Doctor Competition, and announces new ways to interact with winning doctors and their insights.

Palo Alto, CA – April 15, 2013 – HealthTap, the only place to immediately connect with 36,000 top U.S. doctors for free, today announced an even easier, more reliable way to find the top and best doctor for you.

HealthTap unlocks the full spectrum of doctor knowledge by providing unparalleled insights into some of the country’s best medical minds through these doctors’ answers to health questions, healthy tips, and health related updates and articles. Furthermore, on HealthTap medical help experts identify the very best doctors, through a national Top Doctor competition spanning 128 specialties in over 3,100 cities across the United States.

Today’s announcement of the winners of the HealthTap 2013 Winter Top Doctor Competition recognizes some of the world's best and most helpful online and mobile medical experts. Tens of thousands of doctors competed for the prestigious awards, which include: Top Doctor, Top Specialist, Most Influential Doctor, and Thought Leader Awards. Doctors judged peers based on their demonstrated medical knowledge and expertise, and consumers rated doctors on qualitative factors, such as bedside manner and personality. Winners from the competition include:

Dr. Michael Sparacino, a Family Medicine doctor from Saint Peter, MN who won the National Top Doctor Award for helping over 29 million people!

Dr. George Klauber, a Pediatric Urologist from Boston, MA who won the Thought Leader in Massachusetts Award for guiding the most people to helpful answers through his comments and peer review.

Dr. Colin Kopes-Kerr, a Family Medicine doctor from Marysville, CA who won the Most Influential Doctor in the Nation Award for connecting with both patients and doctors and providing valuable education and support.

Dr. Maritza Baez, a Family Doctor in Buffalo, NY who won the Top Family Doctor in New York for helping millions with her knowledge and care.

Dr. James W. Ferguson, a Pediatrician in Waco, TX who won the Top Pediatrician in the Nation Award for helping the most parents help their children live healthier happier lives.

Users on HealthTap can easily see what makes these doctors winners, connect with them, and learn from them for free. Through the all new HealthTap Spectrum, now a part of all HealthTap’s apps on mobile devices and online, people can find highly trusted, doctor-created and rated content, including:
• Concise doctor updates on the latest health findings
• Daily health tips created by doctors in more than 100 topics
• Quick, personalized doctor answers to health questions
• Deep Health posts where doctor share their opinions and insights
• Transparent doctor-doctor consults and dialogues

"HealthTap is putting care and trust back into healthcare by placing the doctor and patient relationship back at the center of the healthcare experience," says HealthTap Founder and CEO Ron Gutman. "By giving top doctors a simple way to share their knowledge and opinions and get recognized by their colleagues for their expertise, and by users for their bedside manner and care, we’re creating a healthy competition that motivates the best doctors to stand out and help millions everywhere. In a world where we expect to get immediate, reliable and deep insights on movies and restaurants on our mobile devices anytime anywhere, it’s high time we have an easy way to get the same when it comes to our health and well being. With the new HealthTap Spectrum we’re leading the way to comprehensive, caring, trustworthy and high quality mobile health."

About HealthTap
HealthTap is the best way to connect with the most trusted health information and doctors. With toprated web and mobile apps, HealthTap offers immediate and free access to personalized, reliable, and trusted health answers and tips from a network of over 36,000 U.S.-licensed doctors. Sign up today and download HealthTap’s free app for iPhone, iPad or Android at www.healthtap.com.

Access to this and all of the above, plus much more, is free and available to anyone who wants or needs it. Why being stuck with questions when the answers are at hand?!


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