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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Cholesterol Levels And Heart Disease On The Rise

Most of my posts are geared towards the older generation who are not just dealing with RA and Arthritis related diseases, but are also stricken by many other conditions. As far as the latter go, several of those can be prevented by taking precautions at an early age.

It was alarming to read in the headlines this morning that our youth has a very high risk of ending up with a heart disease. It is estimated that 80% of our nation's teenagers are heading that way, due to their unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

I am not surprised. Those salty, fatty, and sugar-loaded dishes are probably more appealing to their taste buds then what mom dishes up. It is also much easier stopping at one of the many fast food restaurants where your meal is being served in your car than driving all the way home and share a healthy meal with your family.

Unfortunately, that poor diet and lack of activity may come back to bite them. Obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes are on the rise where our children are concerned. Studies already show evidence of early heart disease and elevated cholesterol levels and that will only increase as they grow older.

You may want to keep an eye on your teenager's eating habits and impress on them the importance of a healthy diet. I am fully aware that is not an easy task. They may not want to take your advice, or point out your own dietary flaws.

We set and are an example to our loved ones and everyone around us and that is not an easy task either. However, God has provided instructions, guidance, and leadership for our wellbeing and happiness and that makes leading by example much simpler!

1 Peter 5:3
nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock;


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