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Friday, September 27, 2013

Passing The Bar

I know how easy it is to grab a quick and easy snack when hunger sets in and a meal is not due yet. Usually, those snacks are the cause of unwanted weight-gain and even when you sink your teeth into one of those allegedly nutritional and low-calorie snacks, you better read the labels before doing so.

A little more thought has been given to all those so called health bars which are overflowing the shelves in the supermarkets, but how healthy are they really? They are bursting at their seams with all kinds of unnatural nutrients and unnecessary added ingredients to enhance the flavor so it will appeal to the taste buds.

I have tried them, but they still tasted like cardboard to me. I rather go for the real deal like a Good Societea bar and know for a fact that besides a tasty bar I am also consuming only all natural, healthy ingredients such as organic chocolate, all the healthy qualities of tea, and much more.

Another thing you have to take in account is your allergies. If you are intolerant to nuts, gluten, or dairy for instance, you may want to stay clear of many of those bars when you want to still your hunger. The Good Soceitea bar however serves the purpose without any of those dangers.

It's okay to give in to a snack-attack and grab a bar, as long as it passes the bar where our health is concerned! 


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