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Monday, February 10, 2014

Healthy Seaweed

I have never considered eating seaweed, but many people do. After reading up on all the health benefits and nutritional value it provides, I can totally understand why this algae is on the menu.

Seaweed is rich in iodine, prevents osteoporosis, controls weight-gain and maintains a healthy diet by dissolving fat and increasing the metabolism, has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces symptoms brought on by menopause and rids the body of toxins.

It is great for your digestion, healthy for your heart, lowers cholesterol, and one serving provides more natural fibers, minerals, nutrients and vitamins than any other vegetable would.

You can buy seaweed in health food stores, but of course it is also available online. Be aware though that there are several different types of seaweed before you make the purchase. Which one to buy totally depends on what health benefits you like to address.

Kelp or Kombu for instance is a good source of iron, magnesium, Vitamin B9, and iodine. It is excellent for prevention and treatment all kinds of thyroid conditions.

Laver and Nori provide many vitamins like C, A, B1, B2, E and K, but also iron, proteins, magnesium, potassium, and iodine. They are a good source for attacking vitamin deficiencies and easy to incorporate in a diet since they are very low in fat.

Wakame contains very high amounts of fatty acid. The fatty acid has been shown to have anti-obesity properties and is therefore an excellent source for loosing and maintaining weight.

Dulse is extremely nutritious due to high amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals. It has the same health benefits as all the other seaweeds, but is high in sodium.

Seaweed has definitely not been something that crossed my mind when thinking about seafood. It turns out to be another blessing and is more evidence that God always has our best in mind and will never let us go without!

Psalm 95:5
The sea is His, for He made it; And His hands formed the dry land.


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