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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Live and Learn

It has never been my strong point to Solve math problems and all throughout college I had a hard time when it came to crunching numbers. I still do and I try to avoid anything that has to do with it. That is not the wisest thing to do; I don't learn anything. It would be better to get help with math and expand my horizon.

It is a lot easier these days then in my time. Free online math help is available for those with the same problem I have. I sure wish these Internet opportunities had been around in my college years. Free college algebra help might have saved me from failing my exam the first time.

In case you or your kids are a K-12 or college student and are having difficulties with math and/or algebra, then I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the math help and Free algebra help offered. No one has to struggle through it alone and a helping hand is always welcome.

Live and learn, huh?!


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