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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Man versus Wild

We were talking this morning about being a little more active and for now that would be either the treadmill or a walk outdoors. Both do not present a challenge to me and that got me thinking about a competitive sport.

It occurred to me that there are several activities where measuring one's strength and skills against that of an animal have turned in to a sport, like rodeo for instance. I have never attended one, but I sure would like to.

Aside from the competition between man and wild, it would already be a treat taking in the atmosphere and entourage. Watching the excitement and enthusiasm of the other spectators would definitely be a joy by itself and I suspect it would not take long before it would rub off on me.

I would like to see a rodeo up close and personal and the National Finals Rodeo would be a great event to start out with. Even though the finals are still quite some time away, it is never too early to get tickets. For NFR Tickets Craigslist is the easiest and cheapest way to either buy or sell them.

How would that make us more active? Well, we would have a lovely drive up there and make several stops to walk around and admiring the environment. We would have the seats of our choice at the rodeo and cheer our hearts out.

Maybe we should not put it off any longer and just grab the bull by the horns!


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