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Monday, January 18, 2010

New Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug FDA Approved

I suppose it was only a matter of time for some new Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs to be released. Not all of the available RA drugs are working for everyone and this new medication could turn out to be a great solution to them. I hope so with all my heart.

From what I read this medication is administered by an IV once a month. I suspect this will be done by the Rheumatologist and it will take some time to get it in your system, but if it helps then what is a little time compared to a lot less or no pain?

For those living with and in constant, daily pain the wall clocks could not have moved fast enough. Let me assure you that having to drag yourself through every minute of the day as well as the night is no fun and it was well beyond time to have another opportunity to a pain free future.

It will take some time to thoroughly investigate and learn all about this new medication, but I will and as soon as I know what it is all about I will share my findings with you. Hopefully it is all good, but time will tell.


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