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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Relief In Sight

I have done a lot of online research lately for my posts and I can feel the effects of it on my eyes. They are tired from focusing on what I am reading and it takes more and more effort to keep the letters from dancing before my eyes.

There is no need for you to feel compassionate towards me because I did it to myself. I need to wear my reading glasses, but I am too proud, too stubborn and too lazy to wear them or to get up and find them.

I would not mind going to a Utah LASIK surgeon and get my 20/20 vision back. That would solve the entire problem. A friend of ours had it done and she does not have to wear her glasses at all anymore.

Maybe some day when we have more money then cents I will try that. Right now, using my eyeglasses just for reading does not justify the costs. Yeah, I agree that it is still a waste of money if I refuse to make good use of my extra pair of eyes.

I better relieve my tired eyes by setting my pride aside; it goes before the fall. I can see that clearly now!


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