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Monday, January 18, 2010

On The Move Again

We are glad that all our grandchildren are back with their mother for now. At the moment they all are staying at their grandma's apartment, but we heard it will take long before our youngest daughter will have a place for her and the kids all to themselves.

This turns out to be another temporary place. It is one of the furnished apartments you can rent by the week. We are not too crazy about that because they are rather cramped and it does not really allow for the boys to play outside without constant supervision.

Another thing I personally am not really happy about is that even though these apartments are being cleaned before another renter moves in, it still can house some critters which could get in to the childrens beds and might cause some serious inconvenience, like bedbugs for instance.

Bedbugs could have been brought in previously, hide out in walls and other places and are hard to see. Even though these bugs don't carry and transfer any bad diseases, their bite can cause an annoying itch and I would hate that for both our daughter and our grandkids.

We neither know when exactly they will be moving in to that place, nor for how long they will stay there. We hope they will find a steady and stable home soon; they all need it badly.


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