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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cutting Calories

Every year after the Holidays, I struggle with the extra pounds I gained, because I ate too much and too unhealthy. Putting on the extra weight is easy, but getting it off is the big problem.

I try to get back to eating less and more of the healthy foods, but it takes a lot longer to shed the pounds and the older I get, the more effort I have to put forth returning to the number the scales showed previously.

Of course I could click here and join the club, but I watched our oldest daughter constantly having to look up food and calculating and counting points. That is just too much of a hassle to me and takes up way too much of my precious time.

I could venture out on myself and substitute some of my meals with the bars and shakes you can see when you click here, but I am not so sure whether those contain all the vitamins, supplements and nutrients I need or not.

I would rather have some variety in meals and medifast provides all that and then some; it ensures my body gets all it needs, I will loose weight and it is even delivered at home. That makes cutting calories a piece of cake!


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