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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kicking Fatigue To The Curb

One of the things which are quite common when suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, or any other form of Arthritis, is the fatigue which comes with it. This is due to the energy the body uses to fight the inflammations.

Unfortunately, it often leaves you feeling worn out, drained and without any gumption to be active. This is not without reason; getting active in the middle of a flare-up will only aggravate the inflamed joints. The best you can do is giving in to the tiredness and sleep it off.

Once the flare-up has subsided, you can slowly start resuming your activities. This may not be an easy task; your muscles are weak and you may still feel tired. It may be good to check in with your physician and inquire whether you would benefit from taking adrenal supplements or not.

The adrenal glands may not be functioning at their best anymore. This is not a surprise, seeing how the disease placed an enormous amount of physical, emotional, and even mental stress on both body and person.

It literally 'took it out' on you and adrenal supplements can help you getting back on track and kicking fatigue to the curb. How comforting to know it soon will be a thing of the past!


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