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Monday, March 07, 2011

Catching My Breath

While I was writing my previous post it crossed my mind whether my headaches, which were due to the weather, also may be related to a decreased oxygen level in my blood. In order to find that out, it would be a good idea having a pulse oximeter handy.

They are not hard to come by; many of them can be found on the Internet for a very reasonable price. Another benefit is that you can take your time choosing which pulse oximeter you would prefer and it is delivered at home without having to pay exorbitant shipping costs.

It is not just the pressure in my head which made me consider my oxygen level, but also the fatigue and being out of breath so quickly, which occurs simultaneously. Too little oxygen in the blood can cause all kinds of physical conditions one of those meters could help determining if it would be time to take a break and catch my breath, so to speak.

It sure wouldn't hurt having one around!


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