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Monday, February 21, 2011

Daily Savings

It is so nice when a room has a fresh, nice coat of paint and everything is clean again. It all looks and feels so much better, especially when you spend a lot of time in it, like our office.

It is one of those rooms which got repainted and work has become even more enjoyable due to the peaceful, muted, tan color. Everything is back in its place again and working, except for our printer. We need to buy new HP printer ink, but we constantly forget.

The weird thing is that it never crossed my mind to order it online. I suppose we are creatures of habit and are used to purchasing it in the stores, while there is so much discount printer ink available on the Internet.

Taking a look at INKGRABBER.com; it can't be easier getting what we need; they have every brand ink one could possibly need listed and within a few clicks we can order the type of ink for our model printer.

Besides offering discount ink, they have many other deals going on. Since it is President's Day, they have a sale for 10% off when ordering today. Facebook fans can take advantage of deals which change daily; there is bound to be something you need and can save a pretty penny on.

We should save ourselves time, money and effort by breaking the habit and start ordering online more!


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