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Friday, April 08, 2011

Osteoporosis Medication

I have been taking Osteoporosis medication for quite a while now. Yes, the kind you take once a month to prevent and reverse bone loss. I was wondering though if there are some of you who take it as well and experience the same side-effects as I do.

A couple of days after taking the medication, my joints and muscles hurt real bad, I am a little nauseous and extremely tired. These symptoms last for up to two, three days, gradually get less and eventually disappear, until the next time I take it.

According to the medication guide, these symptoms can occur. I am seriously considering though switching over to another brand, in order to find out whether I am just extremely susceptible to this particular one, or if I would experience the same no matter which one I would take.

What kind of medication for Osteoporosis do you take and what are the side-effects, if any at all, you suffer through? I really would appreciate your input on this matter, before deciding to try another brand. Thanks so much!

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