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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Medicare Application

Even though time flies, it will still take a while before we reach the age of retirement. It may take even longer due to the fact that the retirement age keeps changing and that change is not in our advantage. We may have to work longer then we had hoped.

One thing is for sure though; we can get Medicare when we reach the respectable age of 65, or at least, that is how the cards are stacked up at the moment. That would probably save us a ton of out of pocket costs and co-pays per year.

The problem with Medicare is that it is rather complicated and confusing, since it consists of different parts and we would have to apply separately for a couple of those. I wasn't aware of it, but application can be done online by filling out a medicare application form.

That sure makes life a little bit easier, especially when you can't get around as well as you would like to!


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