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Friday, April 22, 2011

Vision Discounts

I don't know if your health insurance covers vision and how much out of pocket you have to pay when you need a new pair of glasses, but you can cut those needed expenses substantially by buying from Zennioptical.

They already offered very cheap, fashionable, high quality prescription eyeglasses, but at present those go for even cheaper; you can already have a new pair for as low as $6.95 and only pay a flat shipping rate of $4.95 no matter how many you purchase.

The choice is enormous and all you need to do is pick a frame, enter the details of your prescription and your pupilary distance. The latter is easy, but the first may present a problem due to the diversity of frames.

Zennioptical helps with that too by offering the option of a virtual picture, showing your appearance with the frames of your choice. It still can occur you don't like the glasses after their arrival. No problem; when returned within 30 days you will get half of your money back.

Due to their low prices, great service and value, Zennioptical has made the news again, as they have done in the past on several occasions, and rightfully so; where else can you get the best prescription glasses for such a low price?


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